About Book Two:

For those of us who are sweet sixteen, and now past sixty – or any age at all – a dose of nostalgia, a journey of the spirit through the beat scene when we woke and danced the Twist:  mountains, songs and streets! …

THE RECKLESS FRUIT is a work in two volumes  –

(Here is the link to Book One.)

(Here is the link to Book Two.)

The 1960s were a catalyst, a period of rapid growth, colour and change, whose archetypes reach all of us now.   I have written of this in more depth in  “Prelude – A 1960s Odyssey” under the main title, above.


Much has been written of this period in an ikonic way.  Here is a different approach:  how does it feel to grow up on the fringe of sociological change, but coming from within?

“The Reckless Fruit” is my personal journal-documentary 1964 – 1967, when I was at school.  From a rather refined and unconventional family background, I discovered the Rolling Stones.  This blog in two parts contains nearly 150 charcoal drawings, peppered with 1960s fashions and characters from my school roughbook doodles, and the poetry I wrote at the time.  It was my initiation as an artist; “the first fruit” for the gods.

“The Reckless Fruit” is a documentary.  Age fifteen and sixteen, with no experience of life, I prowled the streets and coffee bars after school, for my material. That passion came to find me, and took over.  This early drawing in Part One, the main series, records the moment when the charcoal medium overtook me and became a mastery:


The labyrinth is the terrain of every teenager.

We all travelled there, in its many forms, and so do our children.  I hope you will enjoy revisiting it with me – a project to release those rites of passage, and to understand ourselves and our young.


My primary blog is http://janeadamsart.wordpress.com – an illustrated  journal of eastern and western wisdom, with poems, meditations, photographs and paintings.